Our Team

Fredrico Nassire

President & CEO

Fredrico is a co-founder and President & CEO of BlockUnity. A cryptocurrency investor and advocate with a unique blend of experience in both traditional and blockchain-based finance, Fredrico brings more than 15 years of experience in strategic business development, portfolio management, quantitative trading, and emerging technologies.

Fredrico has served as Chief Financial Technologist for Decentral and as an International Business Development Executive & Precious Metals Trader for Bullion Strategies Corporation and Bullion Management Group.

Fredrico has developed system optimization strategies using Blockchain and Smart Contract applications for clients and partners which include: TMX Group’s businesses TSX, TSX Venture, TSX Private Markets, TSX Trust, CDS, CDCC, NGX, Shorcan, Central Bank of Canada, IBM & Deloitte.

Fredrico obtained his International Business Degree in 2006 from the Seneca College, and, in 2009, obtained his Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance & Economics from Ryerson University, in Toronto, Canada.

He is also a co-founder and Executive Director within Shyft Network, one of the subsidiary companies of BlockUnity Inc.


Chris Forrester

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Forrester is a co-founder and the chief technical officer at BlockUnity Inc. In this role, Chris is responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the software and technical stack for the network’s operation. She is also responsible for assisting in building out the network’s partnership structures and blockchain & traditional infrastructure bridging processes.

Prior to becoming the chief technical officer of theBlockUnity, Chris was the chief technical officer at Decentral Inc. leading the development team for the Jaxx mobile wallet, as well as assisting in building proof-of-concepts with the strategy team for large entities such as the Toronto Stock Exchange. Previous history includes working with portable EEG hardware & software through Interaxon Inc.’s product “Muse”.

She is also a co-founder and developer within Shyft Network, one of the subsidiary companies of BlockUnity Inc.


Juan Aja Aguinaco

Chief Operating Officer

Juan Aja Aguinaco is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of BlockUnity Inc, and is responsible for the administration & operation of the business, and the execution of the company’s business plan. Juan had his first exposure to the digital currency world in 2015, when he joined Decentral, a leading hub for Blockchain development & innovation and the developers of Jaxx, a multi-platform, multi-cryptocurrency Blockchain interface; Juan quickly rose through the ranks and became the company’s Director of Operations and Business Development.

He has over six years of professional experience in the fields of corporate and securities law, business innovation and transformation. As VP Legal Counsel of Oro Negro, one of Mexico’s most innovative oil and gas service companies, he actively participated in what became one of the largest high-yield bond issuances in the Norwegian market. Other accolades include serving as counsel for a multinational joint-venture, and as litigator of a landmark freedom of speech case before Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice.

Juan obtained his law degree in 2009 from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, and, in 2016, obtained his Masters of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada.

He is also a co-founder and Executive Director within Shyft Network, one of the subsidiary companies of BlockUnity Inc.


Kris Coward

Chief Scientist

Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Toronto

Kristofer Coward is the Chief Scientist and a co-founder at BlockUnity. In this role, Kris is responsible for the theoretical soundness of the mathematical, cryptographic, and economic models underpinning the Shyft network. He is also responsible for making sure that these models reflect the expectations of regulators and users, and for the specification of network protocols that meet these expectations.

Prior to his role at BlockUnity, Kris was the Chief Scientist at Decentral, providing insight into how various distributed ledger technologies work, and developing system designs for clients such as TMX Group. Kris’ career also includes a history of data science roles at Kontagent, Granify, and Adchemix (where he was Head of Data Science).

A life-long Torontonian, Kris has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Toronto, where he also served on the Governing Council for a year, and was a post-doctoral fellow at York University and the Fields Institute.

He is also a co-founder and scientist within Shyft Network, one of the subsidiary companies of BlockUnity Inc.